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Our Mission

The Pet Adoption Center of Orange County connects adoptable pets with loving people and the resources they need to be a family for life.

Our Vision

A community that cares so deeply for the welfare of its pets that it finds shelter euthanasia not only unnecessary, but unimaginable.

Adoption Center

» We are opening a contemporary, home-like, adoption-guaranteed facility in Lake Forest, California.
» We accept pets from local animal control agencies and animal welfare organizations, reducing their operational stress and overcrowding.
» All pets in our care receive food, water, shelter, medical attention, and socialization from staff and volunteers in an open, stress-free environment that keeps them happy, healthy, and adoptable.
» We help ensure successful placements and reduce returns by matching pets with highly compatible people and families.
» All pets receive mandatory sterilization, up-to-date vaccinations, and an identification microchip.

Placement Services

We provide counseling and placement services to potential adopters, assisting them in selecting a breed or blend whose characteristics are a suitable match for their home and lifestyle, and helping them to locate an adoptable pet through our referral network.

Volunteer Program

We offer volunteer opportunities for adults, teens, and kids that can help them develop new skills, make friends, build networking connections, and give them a new perspective on life.

Community Education

To support the community, we offer regular public education courses taught by volunteers and advocates to encourage humane pet care and responsible pet ownership, and we support sterilization programs to reduce pet overpopulation.

Our Leadership

The post-graduate educated board of directors and executive management of The Pet Adoption Center of Orange County have more than 80 years combined business experience, and over 70 years combined animal welfare experience, along with several decades of governmental policy experience. They have extensive ability to manage a business, collaborate with the animal welfare community, serve the general public, and maneuver the ins and outs of governmental requirements and political issues.

» April Josephson, Esq., President
» Emily Moncur, Secretary
» Liz Hueg, Treasurer
» Tammie Siefert, Director
» Rachelle Cruz, Director
» Patty Dadamo, Director
» Kathy Oda, Director

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  • Karen Beran

    says on:
    November 17, 2015 at 10:10 pm

    I live in Lake Forest and I’m helping my sister find a fur friend. She lives in a condo with an elderly cat but would like a small, older dog that she can love and take on walks and will love her in return. She does not want a chihuahua or dachshund. Best age range for her would be 5-8 years old.

    If you come across a rescue that would be a good match that is calm, loving and won’t torture an older cat, we would love to know about him/her. Thank you.