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Since our pets our a part of our family at the PAC-OC, we added a new page to our website on National Pet Memorial Day to provide a way for everyone to honor our pets. Visit our Pet Memorials page for options to memorialize your pet on our site.

We’ve started things off with a special message in honor of our beloved Lewie, who happily lived at our Lake Forest adoption center for the last three years of his life.

Lewie arrived post-neuter surgery, with a severe internal infection. He almost died the first week we had him in our care. While with us, he suffered several infections, was diagnosed with chronic internal allergies that cause a tumor in his ear that was pressing against his brain. We treated his allergies, and removed an ear canal to remove the tumor. In his later days, besides being hard of hearing, he developed severe cataracts that made him virtually blind, along with heart problems, and finally, dementia. All the while, he persevered, with a special love for one of our lead volunteers, Janet. It’s the end of an era, with Lewie passing on July 14, 2023, and Janet moving out of state next week.

We couldn’t let this day go by without paying tribute to Lewie and thanking Janet for being Lewie’s special person for the past three years.

Janet and Lewie
Janet and Lewie enjoying their special “sofa time”